Tour Guide

The Sennheisser TourGuide System is a handy tool for any kind of moving audience. This truly unique device incorporates both the receiver and the headphones and provides many benefits to the user. You no longer need your audience to carry more equipment than absolutely necessary. Its powerful battery ensures operation for up to 8 hours.

The TourGuide System can be used both for interpreting from the speaker’s language to the audience’s language (with the help of an interpreter) and for better contact between the leader of a group and the participants. Choice between eight channels makes it possible to translate the speaker’s language into more than one language at a time, but also to simply split a multi-faceted group into smaller sections.

The speaker and / or the interpreter emits and sounds through a wireless microphone. It can choose between a handheld microphone, a lapel or a loudspeaker.

Senheiser tourguide

Whether you are touring a city or the facilities of a large company, TourGuide will ensure the constant attention of your audience. The receiver automatically turns on when the listener puts the headphones on its ears and automatically shuts off automatically with the reverse movement. Each listener has full control over his or her individual device, can individually adjust the volume and select the channel of the desired language. An LCD screen will clearly confirm the volume as well as the channel number.

The reception range is about 100 m, if your tour is outdoors and about 50 m, if your tour is indoors.