The DCN audio - interpretation system

Regardless of the volume and requirements of your conference, the DCN system can satisfy you, offering aesthetics, reliability and versatility. To achieve the right balance between efficiency and ergonomic aesthetics, Bosch designers have consulted interpreters and other stakeholders and responded to their recommendations. The result is the optimal satisfaction for everyone involved in making a conference.

Bosch’s DCN has already gained worldwide recognition and is considered to be the most widespread system of its kind. It is ideal for every case from a few councils to a multi-lingual conference in parallel but also the most complex international conferences.

The DCN microphone can access up to three delegates with the desired sound effect. There is a distinctive button on the microphone base that enables the user to turn the microphone on and off with ease.


The microphones have a built-in speaker that helps optimize acoustics and a built-in transceiver receiver. They also have a reception for two pairs of headphones, through which the speaker can hear any of the interpreted languages. This means that the bureau and the speaker do not need to have a wireless receiver to listen to the translation and thus get rid of an extra device. The utility of the above is even more apparent in “P” -like rooms and all participants have access to their personal microphone.

The DCN Wireless Translation System delivers clear sound to all listeners and effectively contributes to the quality of your event.

The ergonomically designed interpreter handle is an intelligent tool for interpreters. It was designed after research into how to make interpreter work as easy and less tiring as possible. The logical position of the keys and the ability to listen to quality leads to the best result.

The use of the audiomedia interface module makes it possible to record practices in both the original language and any of the interpreted languages.

Whatever you have in mind for your event, DCN, along with our other sound systems, will not deny you.